To gain in life you must demonstrate RASP. Without RASP many people for example students, teachers, managers; and businesses,  just to name a few fail!
RASP is all about raising standards in:
R-Retention(don’t give up)
A-Achievement(to accomplish)
S-Success (reap your reward)
P-Progression(reach another level)

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Click here to learn about the founder of RASP 2 GAIN.
Click here to learn about the founder of RASP
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No one is clever enough to gain until they RASP.
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What they will demonstrate

What they will learn

Interest in attending lessons and thereby retaining oneself to complete their course work.

Personal goal setting; short, medium and long term.

Improved achievement and success in their course of study. (Selected areas of previous difficulty will have been identified prior to attending some of our motivational seminars)

How to think on a long term basis by considering the importance of milestone achievements.


This can be seen in their review of personal records of what plans they make as a result of this project.

Ability to become a peer mentor/role model for RASP

How to help others and lead one person or a team. Mentoring skills.


Ability to meet deadlines.

How to make an effective project management plan.

Benefits to Students