Doctorate in Entrepreneurship and Business Studies, is an open novel pathway uniquely available to those who are able to come with a research topic that can add to the discipline. Doctorate holders are know to have contributed to know at a very high level; of learning and as such, they are the sealing to the education, academically that there is in the world.

We therefore seek and invite applications to do a doctorate with a proposal; that can:

1. Demonstrate that; after you publish your thesis; there is novel information that can result in either; your own business to exponentially grow and create employment at least in more than 5 countries in the world.

2. The information you will come up with can stand the test of literature review of at least 10 years ago to the current time; thereby having found gaps; which your thesis can anchor on and produce answers. All the literature that is to acceptable must be relevant to your focus of intended discussion.

3. Your piece of work must demonstrate how Africa as a growing economy can benefit by your chosen research focus for your Thesis.

You will sit with your supervisor and discuss the chosen topic; should you be accepted to enrol after the interviews.

Post Graduate Studies:

There are two major and distinct pathways:

1. Masters in Entrepreneurship and business development is a 30% taught and 70% applied practise and research. The key case study is the sector of your business; and a dissertation produced comparing at least one more business to your business; with a view to compare and produce unique variables that can enhance your business to stead growth.

2. Master in Entrepreneurship and Diaspora management and policy, business international collaborations. 20 % taught and 80% research; article reviews, government policy reviews on Diaspora issues and refinement for international implementation strategy; with a view to get the nationals in the Diaspora engage with their home land and the host communities in cross pollination or entrepreneurial skills, resources and investment. The case study will be your business in which you will model how to link your business practically to the international community; with a counter part member of your community who lives abroad. There must be growth indicators for the exercise.

You will spend time with your supervisor, where you will discuss the correct pathway for your dissertation and identify deliverable objects, in relation to the potential growth indicators in your business.

  • Applying the business plan for growth
  • The facets of entrepreneurship and goal setting
  • The effective application of cost benefit analysis
  • Financing your business
  • Developing an investment portfolio.
  • Taxation and VAT

  • Management and growth
  • Business development and networking
  • Growing a business portfolio and negotiation
  • Forecasting growth
  • Leading and managing your team.

  • Community links and business development
  • International collaboration
  • The role of embassies and consulates 
  • Blue Ocean Strategies