Covers the Care Certificate, 15 Standards, and Also the Core Skills Training Frame Work(CSTF) for support work.

This course is for all college participants who are officially signed up on any course. The course covers:

1. CV writing

2. Interview skills

3. How to apply for a job in the United Kingdom

4. Where to find the trusted job agencies online for all sectors, including the health care.

5. How to create an online account for jobs so that you can be receiving job alerts.

6. If you are outside the UK, what does a post code mean and how can you know which post code area you want a job in.

The course ends with an online test.

This course has 2 credits and is certified separately with a digital certificate when you complete.

The course is available as part of the fees paid by a candidate already enrolled on other courses.

Independent candidates can enrol on this course and it will cost them more.

This course is purely online and there is no tutor contact hours.

The course replaces the traditional job workshop we used to have as a live zoom session. Therefore candidates can take time at their own pace. The course learning hours is 10hrs.