To gain in life you must demonstrate RASP. Without RASP many people for example students, teachers, managers; and businesses,  just to name a few fail!
RASP is all about raising standards in:
R-Retention(don’t give up)
A-Achievement(to accomplish)
S-Success (reap your reward)
P-Progression(reach another level)

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Click here to learn about the founder of RASP
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No one is clever enough to gain until they RASP.
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I have taught for over twenty years in both  mainstream teaching and private tuition in a wide range of subjects. I have dealt with University and Further Education(post compulsory) students also. In the last 11 years before establishing my own business I taught in a FE and Higher Education college to mainly to levels 1 and 2, many came with no qualifications but left with merits and distinctions. My retention, achievement and success rates were excellent. My students progressed. Why?(click here).
Dr. John Mwansa Lukomona PGCE, BSc, Ph.D
Post Doc.
I have given motivational talks to particular communities and in my holistic  interaction, in the process, I have discovered that winners have been very good at RASP. What do I mean?
R for retention:- You have got to be there to make sense of what you have started. The more you miss the more you loose out! If you are always there, even if things were a bit hard they soften up. Gain is not an event, it is a process.
A for achievement:- To achieve you will have been attending to your work or plan on a regular basis and routinely. Eventually it will help you to get something out of it. When you achieve one task at at time you will sense a profound air of S.
S for success:- Success is a result of achievement which is a result of retention. Those who succeed are achievers because they are there and well retained in the system and see the whole process through. They do not quit. Once you succeed in one task you will succeed in the next because you are now motivated. They say you are in the zone.
P for progression:- Unless you have succeeded you cannot progress.
If you can demonstrate the above points with a good attitude nothing can stop you to win in anything you put your hands to.
What is the secret to all these? Technique and just do it!
What is the secret to all these? Technique and just do it!
Post Doc, Expert Systems in Chemometrics , 1998,University of Wolverhampton
Ph.D in Physical Chemistry, 1997, University of Sheffield
B.Sc, Chemistry and Maths with Computing, 1989, University of Zambia
PGCE, 2010, at Wolverhampton University.
Moving handling Instructor, 2010, imperative training.
Healthy Safety and Work, First AID, and more!
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